Meet the Maker

Hiya, my name is Chloë!

I am the founder of Earth to Jade, I design, make, photograph and market all of the jewellery. I am a self-taught jewellery artist based in Somerset. I love designing jewellery, wire-wrapping gemstones, beading work and hammering metals.

More About Me

I used to run a small business alongside university and sold over 1000 pieces of lower-end handmade jewellery within months of opening. I loved running a business but it didn’t align with my values.

I dreamed of running a professional business with higher-end pieces, intentionally made with high quality, ethically-sourced materials that can be worn everyday. Over one year later here we are!

I love supporting other local small businesses which is why all of my materials are exclusively sourced from trusted independent UK suppliers that I have built strong relationships with. I care a lot about the environment which is why I keep my designs and packaging plastic free and have teamed up with Ecologi to plant 1 tree with every order.

It’s also important to me that my jewellery is size-inclusive so that everyone can feel comfortable and confident wearing their pieces! My customers have valued my ability to create pieces which fit them perfectly and can be worn everyday. Hearing positive feedback keeps me inspired to keep creating. If you can’t find a piece that would fit you comfortably please do reach out as I’m always happy to cater to different needs.

I am so grateful to every single person that has supported my journey and I love that my creations have been loved and worn by so many people around the world.

When I’m not in my little studio making jewellery you can find me on nature hikes, scrolling Pinterest, practising yoga, trying new coffee shops, cooking, thrifting & watching old movies. I’m a huge introvert and love all things to do with nature, creativity, wellbeing and hygge.

I’m always up for a chat so feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram @shopearthtojade where I like to share behind the scenes content and connect with other business owners, creatives and customers.

Lots of love,

Chloë Jade (can you guess where the shop name came from now?)